About us

ESIA has been founded with the aim to guarantee internal and external safety and security for the population.

It’s mission consists in supplying support to Governments and Civil and Military Institutions, to contribute to the stabilisation of the territories whereas it’s working, safeguarding and endorse security in all the sectors of its competencies, from the military to the humanitarian field, including cyber and multimedia security.

Under the coordination of the General Commander, Gen. Pietro Passariello, and of the Chief of Army Staff, Gen. Orazio Mezzetti, the organisational chart includes a qualified team that allows fast and precise interventions in every sector of interest.

The NATO support activities (NSPA/SBCT-1), carried on from highly qualified professionals in different sectors and with a previous experience in their field of action, has been appreciated in different part of the World, despite the fact the acronym identifies a typical European value.